Monday, 13 July 2015

Paris mon Amour

Coucou tout le monde!

As you may or may not know, I am currently in France, enjoying the sweet summer heat and devouring hunks of croissants at the breakfast table while birdsong dances through open French doors (terrible pun so not intended). So, being only one hour from Paris, I recently grabbed the opportunity to take a trip to the big city, where I ended up as a typical Instagrammer in its natural habitat (not as bad as it sounds, mind you - I did manage to snap quite a few Insta-worthy shots). Every street, every corner, every square meter was alive and pounding, and I was unconditionally in love. 

As the heat of the afternoon began to dim softly and cigarette smoke trickled through blunt orange streetlight and restaurants filled up with hungry tourists and dinner-eaters, I, along with my little family decided that it was time to creep back home to a cool shower and a bite to eat. On the way, however, my lovely mom stopped to return something to a shop, and, without my realising, also picked up a little vial of perfume (as well as a teeny tiny pocket of sweets) as a gift for me. On arriving home I didn't even notice the tiny bag tucked into a larger containing my day's purchases. I was so exhausted that I simply sunk into cool cotton sheets after a relaxing rinse and closed my eyes until the next morning. However, when I did eventually uncover it I was overcome by joy and a simple citrus essence. The scent was such a lovely delight (who doesn't love surprises?) and I can't wait to wear it! 

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