Sunday, 5 July 2015

Healthy Fruit Parfait | food

Hey everyone!

So I was recently scrolling through Soap and Glory's Instagram page and came across a heavenly-looking photo of an iced cupcake, sugar and cream trickling down the crisp paper case, thick clumps of frosting laced with sweet pink powder and dusted with a thin coating of sprinkles layered perfectly on top. Drool legit (I feel like such a hipster using that word) dribbled down my chin as I read the caption cake for breakfast! and began to imagine the endless dreamy concoctions I could bake and devour in the early hours of the morning, watching the sun spread its wings over the horizon; gentle gold and runny egg yolk nibbling on the pale, pale sky .

But it was then that I remembered what season it was. And it was then that I died a little inside. Cake smothered in towers of frosting and the expression beach bod do not go hand in hand. However, I soon resurrected when I remembered that I could create something just as (if not MORE) delicious and mouth-watering myself with healthy, in-season ingredients I could find lying somewhere underneath a huge pile of I-don't-know-what in my fridge. And that made me très, très heureux!
  • Healthy, in-season fruits you can probably find lying somewhere underneath a huge pile of I-don't-know-what in your fridge (I used strawberries, bananas, kiwis & raspberries for all you Nosy Parkers out there)
  • Organic Greek yoghurt (I used full-fat because YOLO but you can use whatever type you like)
  • A cheery summery disposition

How to make this magical bad boy:
  • Using your super Fruit Ninja skills, dice all of your fruits into bite-sized chunks 
  • Spoon one type of the fruit nuggets into the bottom of a cute little sundae glass because good presentation can change your mood
  • Layer a small blob of yoghurt over the fruit
  • Repeat with all ingredients until ta-dah! your fruit parfait is, well, parfait!

Enjoy under a sweet summer sun and the sound of waves nibbling the shore.

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