Friday, 10 October 2014

Sweater Weather | TAG

Hey everyone!

I've decided to do my very first tag. And I'm pretty excited about it, I must say, especially since it is so autumnal and cosy and hot-chocolate/cinnamon/pinewood scented and all that good stuff. I mean, who doesn't love a good snuggle by the fire? Enjoy!

(Inspired by Niamh's blog - why not check it out?)

  • Favorite candle scent?
Can we all just agree that candles are bæ when it comes to sweater weather? The capability of choosing just one thing (whether that be an ice cream flavor or fave song) is a talent I have not yet mastered, but I have fallen in love this crisp apple and cinnamon darling (bottom of page).

  • Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
Coffee. Black like my soul (but milky Darjeeling is another favourite of mine).

  • Best autumn memory?
Reciting a poem to an old neighbor when trick-or-treating. She joined in and I could even make out the glint of a tear in her eye. That's something I will never forget.

  • Makeup: winged eyeliner or dark lips?
I love me a bitta berry on my beak and a flick of frozen black on my eyes (oh those Autumn trends!). However, I think a pair of plump rouge lips is what I like to go for.

  • What do you want to be for Halloween?
Oh please, Olaf is coming through, everybody!

  • Hats or scarves?
Beanies are my fave (although I do not have the skills to pull one off).

  •  Most worn sweater?
Like, just about every one I own! I think my absolute favourite one, however, has to be be a white oversized jumper from Abercrombie & Fitch.

  • Fave Autumn nail polish?
Deep reds and plum colors remind me of snobby old women, which I don't always enjoy being reminded of, thank you very much - I'm more of a pastel-nails-even-though-it's-Autumn-like-I-don't-care-throw-my-hands-up-in-the-air kinda gal, and absolutely lav to sport Rimmel London's Breakfast in Bed on my nails all year round.

  • Skinny jeans or leggings?
Skinny jeans are one of my closet staple MUST HAVES, so definitely those! 

  • Boots or Uggs?
Uggs are darlings, I've gotta say, but sorry, it's a no from me. Boots are much more stylish and make it look as though you put in much more effort than you actually did (shout out to all you lazy people AKA moi), while Uggs just make it look as though all you wear is slippers 24/7 (please excuse the negativity!)

I hope you've enjoyed my very first tag, please let me know in the comments whether you'd like me to continue dabbling in Q&As and the like. Personally, I absolutely love to share funky little details about myself with you!