Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Maison d'Anu Makeup Review

Hey everyone!


I'm really sorry that I haven't been posting as regularly as I planned to, but life can sometimes tangle you up in a drift of balancing studying and social life and other everyday fragments floating around, and blogging time seems to swim silently out of reach. I know that that probably isn't the excuse you wanted to hear (or read) but it's the truth, and I really am sorry about it. Anyway, I'm back and ready to share with you my life once more!

Having recently been in touch with a growing Irish makeup brand (Maison d'Anu), I realised how much I've missed photographing tubes of lipgloss and powder compacts and all that jazz, and decided to go all out and have a mini photoshoot on my kitchen windowsill (something one does every Sunday evening, amirite?). For a while, I'd been taking a break from brushing chemicals onto my skin every morning and had been rocking the naked, pimple-faced, piggy-eyed look. My being in contact with the lovely company of Maison d'Anu, however, was a fantastic opportunity for me to slowly slink back into my experimental side again and play around with groovy colours, textures and ingredients for my face.

Being a vegetarian health nut, I have fallen in love with the brand's organic, trustworthy products which are produced with all natural ingredients (including, coconut oil, shea butter and various flower extracts) and never tested on animals. The matte packaging is so tasteful and adds a modern touch to the makeup, and the quality of the products is genuinely fantastic. Being a small, sprouting company, Maison d'Anu and its creations offered a really pleasant surprise!

Product 1 - mineral powder
Product 2 - gel eyeliner

Product 3 - pencil eyeliners

Product 4 - foundation brush

Product 5 - angled brush

Product 6 - black & brown mascara

Product 8 - concealing + highlighting stick

Product 9 - lipsticks
Product 10 - lipgloss
Product 11 - pink beauty blender

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