Saturday, 13 February 2016

quick life update + outside cafe jazz | poetry

I am aware that recently I haven't been as active as I would have liked (this must be the third break I've taken from blogging, oh dear!) but you know those moments when life just kind of seems to get in the way? Yeah, I've somehow managed to entangle myself in yet another one of those and blogging has had to sit patiently on the side while I huffed and I puffed and finally I untangled myself from it. 

Here's a quick life update from yours truly:
  1. I've begun some 'at home' yoga, which, as I've learned from experience, is actually pretty great
  2. I'm also on the verge of going vegan (kind of)
  3. No, I am not a hippy
  4. OK, maybe I'm kind of hippy-esque
  5. Anyway, back to business
  6. I've tasted oatmilk and have given it a big old thumbs up
  7. Took part in the European Youth Parliament (another thumbs up from me)
  8. Read 'Killing the Dead', a short story by Marcus Sedgwick (thumbs up #3)
  9. Made beetroot juice
  10. Written a poem
Here is said poem. It's kind of an unusual one. I wanted to write something different but with a hidden message which I hope you understand. It's called 'Outside Cafe Jazz'. 

Crouching outside Cafe Jazz with an empty coffee cup,
Collar braced against the world,
Quivering lips.

She eyes polished leather shoes
And suitcases,
And pink Welly boots
And paws
That stutter as they approach,
As though guilty,
As though wishing she wasn't
Shivering outside their local cafe,
So that they could enjoy their goddam coffee
In peace. 

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Detox Night | beauty

Although crazy, exciting and bursting with joy, Christmas can be a really stressful time. And by really I mean really really. Last-minute scrambles in charity shops for gifts to present to loved ones the very next morn, burning parsnips and Brussels sprouts and ovens exploding in billows of steam. And that's only a little bit of an exaggeration. One of the most comforting feelings in the world is being able to sink into a hot bath brimming with bubbles and wash away the grime, sweat and stress of the day. If you're ready to kick-start 2K16 on a high just keep reading. Enjoy!

There is food to feed your body, books to grow your mind and music to nourish your soul. Cheesy, I know, but it's very, very true. If I could have a soundtrack in the background of my everyday life I would - music is one of the things that can cheer me up on any rainy day. Put together a playlist on your phone of all of your favourite toons and let it play as you sink lower into the cauldron of bubbles that is your bath. One song I've been chilling with during the holidays is 'Magnets' by Disclosure ft. Lorde. It's kind of unsettling but it has really classy vibes and I absolutely love it.

Take this as the perfect opportunity to pamper your skin with all the sweet loving it needs (ie it's time to whip out those face masks, spells and potions and lather them on without fear!). I personally love to use coconut oil as a makeup remover and moisturizer for both my face and body because not only does it smell like heaven, it's 100% natural and has so many benefits for your complexion! Some other bits n bobs I've been experimenting with recently are the Shiseido (please don't ask me to pronounce that) Hydro-Nourishing Softener moisturizer and Eye-Soother eye cream as well as a rich clay face mask from Argiletz (yeah, I can't say that without stumbling either), all of which work wonders at cleaning and strengthening your skin.

diy mani-pedi
What could be more fun than messing around with miniature bottles filled with all the colours of the rainbow? Start by gently warming a small bowl of olive/coconut oil and dipping your fingertips in it for 5 - 10 minutes. This will soften your cuticles and any tough skin around the nail bed, making it easier for you to push it back. Next, take a damp, heated cloth and begin softly massaging your hands with it before going on to push back any dead skin and clean underneath the nails. Clip, cut and file, and you're ready to apply the first coat of polish (I prefer to spread a clear base coat on first, but that step isn't vital). Finish off by topping your freshly-painted nails with a glistening top coat and you're ready to rumble!

bath bombs/ salts
Throw 'em in your bath and watch the magic happen. 

Saturday, 26 December 2015

A Day in the Life of Gossip Girl | travel

Hey all you Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here. 

First of all here is a fashionably late but very merry Christmas to all ye filthy animals out there! I hope that all of you who celebrate Christmas had a very pleasant day filled with food, love, and yet more food (did I mention food?). Second of all, it's story time, so make yourself as comfortable as you can and get ready to find out about my adventures in wonderland/ the big apple/ the city that never sleeps . . . otherwise known as New York. Enjoy!

So, over the fall mid-term break, instead of lolling around the house in pyjamas, a bowl of chocolates in one hand, the TV remote in the other, I was strutting through the hectic streets of Manhattan, purse in one hand, Starbucks (PSL, what else?) in the other, breathing in the chilly, over-poluted, magical air of New York City. And, of course, I decided that this experience was in dying need of a blogpost, so here you have it: a day in the life of GG and co (yes, I actually went with five of my closest friends to visit another friend who had moved to the good ole US of A around two years before). I hope you like this blogpost!

XOXO - Gossip Girl




Saturday, 26 September 2015

Autumnal Room Decor | Lifestyle

Transitioning from summer to fall is never one of my favourite yearly events. Early mornings with a midnight sky, the school bell bringing me to my senses, mugs of milky hot chocolate, a dribble of froth oozing down the side of the- well, OK, scratch that, not everything about the fall season is vile and repulsive! However, I do know that it can be a struggle to let go of the warmth and amiability of the year and dip into the unknown months ahead. 

So, because room decor is one of the most simple yet effective ways to brighten your mood, this is my way of spreading a little positivity and magic to help you cope with cold nights in and the beginning of the end of a year. Enjoy!

little patchwork hearts

These little babies are fabulous for bringing a hearty (get it, get it?!), festive vibe to any empty room. Think Santa Clause chic and pumpkin spice latte with a little hint of rustic grunge thrown in. Mmm Tumblr.

rearrange your makeup collection

Make it neat, make it stylish, spice it up to the max or just remove a few lonely dried-up mascara tubes and way-too-sticky lipglosses that you'd never touch in a million years, yet somehow managed to have stashed away with the rest of your collection. I just find that moving things around really helps me feel more organised, productive and ready to take on the world. For real though.

burn, baby, burn

And no, I do not mean this in a literal sense, I mean it in a 'it's finally candle season!' sense. Yes, grab a candle (or two or three), light it up and get ready for the vanilla and cinnamon to wrap you up in a big bear hug. Best. Hug. Ever. 


As strange and 90's as it sounds, posters are a really great way of adding a subtle kick to your room. Just make sure they're classy rather than trashy and you are good to go!


You cannot get more retro than this, m'dear. Not only do they look super cute hung up around your room, they're also a great excuse to pull the strangest faces and fall into heaps of giggles with your friends. Try it, you won't regret it!