Friday, 26 June 2015

June Faves | monthly favourites

Hey everyone!

Summer has arrived (raise those hands in the air, lemme get a 'hell yeah!'), but not with the usual 'bingity-bangity-boom' I'd been expecting (which kind of really extremely definitely stinks because I was so looking forward to it). That, however, does not mean that I didn't get a chance to enjoy the very beautiful month of June in all its glory and good weather. In fact, I found June of 2015 to be a refreshingly pleasant month, and that is not solely due to all of the delicious rays of sunshine I managed to lick up on its passing! 

There have been quite a few sneaky makeup/beauty/fashionista products that have held my back over the course of about three weeks, and with which I have fallen deeply in love (and no, that is not because I don't have a man in my life, you cheeky moron!). I've been looking forward to sharing these with you for a long time, as they are perfect for the summer months (I mean, they practically have SUMMER SURVIVAL ESSENTIALS! stamped all over them), plus they are super chic and really do turn heads. Enjoy!

  • 'One' perfume by Calvin Klein
  • 'Purifying Cream Cleanser' by La Prairie, Switzerland
  • Coral lipgloss in 'Pink-ing of You' by Maison d'Anu
  • 'Frizz Ease: Secret Agent' touch-up cream for frizzy hair by John Freida
  • 'We Were Liars' book (winner of the YA Goodreads Choice Awards 2014) by Emily Lockhart
  • Round tortoise-shell sunglasses by River Island

(Product reviews underneath photos)




1. 'One' perfume by Calvin Klein

OK, can I just rant for a second here? This youthful perfume is a definite 'must-have' for the beach season - soulful, refreshing and sprinkled with a tangy zest, it flirts with your senses and has you hooked from the prime sniff. Love at first whiff? I think so.

2. 'Purifying Cream Cleanser' by La Prairie, Switzerland

I like three things in life. Feminism, pasta and hygiene. This creamy, nourishing product slots into the third third of that list, respectively, and I adore it. After ONE tiny usage, my skin has come to look more radiant and healthy and not like I've been huddled inside all day playing Candy Crush on my phone. And for that I would like to thank La Prairie and this wonderful miracle that has made me a happy human. Amen.
3. Coral lipgloss in 'Pink-ing of You' by Maison d'Anu

You may or may not remember my recent review of blossoming Irish makeup brand, Maison d'Anu (click here to investigate!), but if so, are probably wondering why I'm still lingering onto its products. Well, there's a pretty legit reason for that: they are awesomesauce (yes, I said it. Awesomesauce. Judge me now). This coral, vanilla-flavored lipgloss is the perfect summer beauty buy - peachy pink, sleek (not sticky and oozy), and with silent dashes of gold running through it, 'Pink-ing of You' is fit for a princess.

4. 'Frizz Ease: Secret Agent' touch-up cream for frizzy hair by John Freida

I don't know if you're like me, but if you are, you need hair-help. And fast. This is the part where you get really lucky and suddenly realise that John Freida is a wonderful man who invents magical products, such as 'Frizz Ease'. This cream is so light on the hair, easy to apply and smells like Kevin (read that aloud and you'll see what I mean!). For a season full of sea, salt and sand, this product is a deadly weapon.

5. 'We Were Liars' book (winner of the YA Goodreads Choice Awards 2014) by Emily Lockhart

OK, so being completely honest, this book may not be the easiest 'beach read' as it is hard not to become bogged down in the plot, but it is so intricately woven, and spun with such finesse that you will have a very (VERY) difficult time putting it down for dinner (or any other activity that does not involve books for that matter). The storyline is pretty twisted and unusual, and you think that you know what's happening until the very end when, oh wait, PLOT TWIST, and everything you thought you knew crumbles and dies around you. Yeah, plot accuracy.

6. Round, tortoise-shell sunglasses from River Island

Because fashion (and protection against those UV rays, kids). What else?

Monday, 22 June 2015

The Beauty of the City | a day in the life

Hey everyone! 

So, recently I finished my first set of State Exams and was set loose to enjoy the freedom of the much needed summer breeze tousling my hair, dancing through my clothes, rippling into my soul, and decided to take a luxury trip into the city to enjoy the feeling. I didn't have the chance to spend much time there, unfortunately, but did manage to snap a few shots of the anonymity and rugged beauty of buzzing department stores, zesty spiced Turkish salad, and paper mâché. 

The streets were swarming with lights and faces; stories scuttling by in briefcases and striped suits, rushed voices, murmuring lips, whirlwinds of telephone calls and food smells: Thai chicken curry and American sesame bagels; French pastries drizzled with sugar-filled jam, laced with pure chocolate and thick creamy butter, hand-dug potatoes and churned cheese from the local farmers' market. A beautifully choreographed dance of crazed humans swimming in a thousand different directions, doing a thousand different things with a thousand different people. So many faces, so many minds, so many stories, all contained in one concrete jungle of movement and magic and life.

And I thought, this is it. This is the human race. This is the anonymity, the rudeness, the beauty of the city.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Maison d'Anu Makeup Review

Hey everyone!


I'm really sorry that I haven't been posting as regularly as I planned to, but life can sometimes tangle you up in a drift of balancing studying and social life and other everyday fragments floating around, and blogging time seems to swim silently out of reach. I know that that probably isn't the excuse you wanted to hear (or read) but it's the truth, and I really am sorry about it. Anyway, I'm back and ready to share with you my life once more!

Having recently been in touch with a growing Irish makeup brand (Maison d'Anu), I realised how much I've missed photographing tubes of lipgloss and powder compacts and all that jazz, and decided to go all out and have a mini photoshoot on my kitchen windowsill (something one does every Sunday evening, amirite?). For a while, I'd been taking a break from brushing chemicals onto my skin every morning and had been rocking the naked, pimple-faced, piggy-eyed look. My being in contact with the lovely company of Maison d'Anu, however, was a fantastic opportunity for me to slowly slink back into my experimental side again and play around with groovy colours, textures and ingredients for my face.

Being a vegetarian health nut, I have fallen in love with the brand's organic, trustworthy products which are produced with all natural ingredients (including, coconut oil, shea butter and various flower extracts) and never tested on animals. The matte packaging is so tasteful and adds a modern touch to the makeup, and the quality of the products is genuinely fantastic. Being a small, sprouting company, Maison d'Anu and its creations offered a really pleasant surprise!

Product 1 - mineral powder
Product 2 - gel eyeliner

Product 3 - pencil eyeliners

Product 4 - foundation brush

Product 5 - angled brush

Product 6 - black & brown mascara

Product 8 - concealing + highlighting stick

Product 9 - lipsticks
Product 10 - lipgloss
Product 11 - pink beauty blender