Sunday, 14 September 2014

Fitness Routine 2K14

Hey everyone!

So I like to work out -
                      wait, what?

I know, I know, sometimes even I ask myself am I really human, but all doctors seem to tell me that I am so I keep on believing it.

I try to fit exercise into my daily routine as much as possible because after I finish a workout, there's always a kind of motivational spring to mah step. Ya feel me? Probably not - even I don't understand what I say most of the time, but it made sense in my head, k? 

all my own photos.

- run, abby, run -

The first fitness bæ of mine is going for a reliable run. Ah, that'll never let you down . . . I like to begin slowly and then start sprinting towards the end. It's just one of those cardio classics you need no equipment for, which is always cool.

 - blogilates -

When I haven't been inspired enough to go for a good ole fashioned run, or if there's the slightest hint of drizzle outside, I like to hit the floor and throw myself onto the mat to do some Pilates with the one and only Cassey Ho (you can check out her blog here). The best thing about this is that she talks to you throughout the whole entire workout like a good pal and that's really encouraging.

- swimming -

Being part of the local swim club is great craic because while keeping your fitness levels sky-high, it permits you to keep up yo' social side too. I train three times a week (before school, eww), which is really sweet because it means I don't have to go for a run or do a sweaty workout every single day!

Eating clean is also a pretty big deal for me, so I like transforming fruit n' veg into buckets of smoothies, which is cool for school lunches or even as a snack. (I wrote a post on one of my favourite smoothie bæs here btw, check it out if you like!).

- stay rad, stay hydrated -

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