Monday, 22 June 2015

The Beauty of the City | a day in the life

Hey everyone! 

So, recently I finished my first set of State Exams and was set loose to enjoy the freedom of the much needed summer breeze tousling my hair, dancing through my clothes, rippling into my soul, and decided to take a luxury trip into the city to enjoy the feeling. I didn't have the chance to spend much time there, unfortunately, but did manage to snap a few shots of the anonymity and rugged beauty of buzzing department stores, zesty spiced Turkish salad, and paper mâché. 

The streets were swarming with lights and faces; stories scuttling by in briefcases and striped suits, rushed voices, murmuring lips, whirlwinds of telephone calls and food smells: Thai chicken curry and American sesame bagels; French pastries drizzled with sugar-filled jam, laced with pure chocolate and thick creamy butter, hand-dug potatoes and churned cheese from the local farmers' market. A beautifully choreographed dance of crazed humans swimming in a thousand different directions, doing a thousand different things with a thousand different people. So many faces, so many minds, so many stories, all contained in one concrete jungle of movement and magic and life.

And I thought, this is it. This is the human race. This is the anonymity, the rudeness, the beauty of the city.

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