Saturday, 11 July 2015

Makeup Photoshoot à la Pro

Hey everyone!

Here's something that I would absolutely love to share with you and really hope you enjoy!

If you've taken a peek at my recent makeup review and June favourites blogposts you may have noticed that I mentioned the blooming Irish makeup brand Maison d'Anu quite a few times. And why, you wonder (this is the exciting part, start buzzing)? Well, I had the thrill of assisting my dear papa, photographer extraordinaire (website here!), at their photoshoot, complete with models, maekup, stylists, the lot. And it was incredible. Being my first photoshoot, I found this to be a wonderful experience, and not only did I thoroughly enjoy it, it also opened up my mind to a world of style and creativity all around me. 

The setting itself was magical - a crumbling house reeking of decay and mystery, soft red brick and ivy clinging to its walls, the whisper of ghosts lingering in each corner. Torn linen curtains twitched, not solely due to the icy wind trickling through open sash-windows, and lights flickered faintly every so often. I may not be the biggest fan of the damp, but that doesn't stop me from saying that I enjoyed every second I spent there, be that thanks to the enchanted ambience and history of the place or the energy of the people working alongside me or even the trailing princess dresses and stashes of powder and creamy lipsticks scattered around the floor. Everything about my very first photoshoot (à la professionnel) was wonderful and I am really happy to have participated in such an amazing project!

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