Friday, 7 August 2015

5 Tips for a Productive Day

Hey everyone,

Long time, no see, aye? Hang on, though, get excited - a sweet surprise (which I am currently working on) awaits! Today I want to sit down and talk to you about something a little less lighthearted than my favorite travel must-haves or how to have the perfect rosy pout or how to dress like a princess (answer: wear whatever you like, whenever you like, wherever you like). Today I want to talk to you about something different. Something mind blowing. Something that could change your life. Today I want to talk to you about productivity.

Productivity is an essential factor in feeling fulfilled, accomplished and, well, overall confident. It may be as simple as trying to drink more water, disconnecting from the big wide Internet world, stretching for ten minutes a day or even giving more love to that scruffy dog of yours who scrambles onto your ready made bed with muddy paws and devours everything in sight, but being productive is yet another achievement to be proud of, another fulfilling moment to cherish, another boost of confidence propelling you forward. 

Here are 5 of my personal favourite ways to change your dreams into plans and your can'ts into cans!

wake up early
Flopping out of bed at 11:00 with groggy eyes and typical Einstein hair is not what I like to call the sexiest feeling in the world. This may take a few consistent mornings of coffee and discipline but once you have it under control, rising and shining at early hours of the morning is totally worth it (do I sound like a l'Oreal ad yet?). Not only do you look and feel better, the day is stretched out too, leaving you with lots more time to be productive!

make a plan
Having a to-do list of all my daily tasks planned out ahead of time sets me in the perfect mindset to put my head in the game and just do it (switching from l'Oreal to Nike now. Wow, I really should be an advertiser!). Whether it's a list of small reminders for the day or a super hardcore study plan, writing down what you have to do really sets it in stone, making you feel much more motivated to do it.

Go for a walk after breakfast, do a rapid session of pilates, hit the gym for an hour, go become active! Even if you are working hard, being sedentary all day long is a brain killer. A gulp or two of sweet fresh air a day is all you need to not only be more active and productive but feel awesome in general.


try something new
It doesn't have to be crazy but do something splendid. Disconnect. Bake a cake. Read a book. A magazine. Breathe. Whatever it is that you do, your future self will thank you greatly for the self-respect and confidence gained from it. Take productivity in baby steps. Step away from your comfort zone. Do something unusual. It doesn't have to be big. But just do it.

be disciplined
OK, this is where the mountain climb begins. But trust me when I say that the view from the top is so magnificent that you won't ever want to clamber back down. I feel that discipline is one of the most important virtues in life. Once you have it, you have the power to tackle anything. Start simply. Put your phone in the other room when you go to sleep. If you plan to do something make sure to go ahead with it. Set deadlines for projects. Don't laze around all day - have the discipline to stand up and do what you have to do. Once the evening settles in and you realise that you've had the discipline to, say, eat healthily all day, you will feel so much happier with yourself than if you'd sat around guzzling junk.

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